J.R. Primeau is a RCMP cop on vacation in Transylvania with 14 other Canadians. He never thought Vampires were real until he he got a BLOODY VACATION.

Sarah Parent, 29, Thinks she has been abducted and Impregnated by aliens, Has she ? Or is she just becoming 

Jake Nolan, bestselling author of the Mace Rockland OUT OF series wants to find the good life in Vermont. Instead he will live a story straight OUT OF HELL.

Tom Reilly wants to put his life back on track. He invites his friends to a fishing expedition in the Laurentians to recapture their youths. They will end up fighting against an alien invasion, but it's O.K. After all IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD AND I FEEL FRIGHT.

All these stories are JUST 4 CHILLS.

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